Over the 2019 festival season, Carlsberg hosted a Danish-styled pop-up bar, complete with live music and a DJ, at UK festivals including Download, Latitude and Reading. The bar, titled the Danish Quarter (DQ), became a social hub for each event, and brought a real sense of community. Each day there were a two or three live acts, who were usually artists who were performing at other stages at the events, doing a striped back set with a condensed version of their setup at the DQ. From the morning to late at night there were a number of DJs playing sets that kept the theme and atmosphere of the festival.

For each iteration of the Danish Quarter, we provided a sound system, stage equipment and DJ gear, as well as two technicians.

We used an L’Acoustics sound system, featuring the 8XT and 115XT loudspeakers. The main PA, situated either side of the stage, had a 115XT paired with a SB118 per side, which gave coverage to the main dance-floor area. The rest of the venue was covered by the 8XTs, rigged from the roof, and fed from separate matrixes on the desk in order to give use total control over the level and time alignment in different areas. Each morning, there was a presentation on the brewing process of Carlsberg’s new Pilsner, and this setup allowed us to have the audio from this in one area, and keep music playing in another.

The DJ setup consisted of a Pioneer Nexus 2 set, using 8XTs as booth monitors, and a Sennheiser wireless mic, which was also used for the presentation as mentioned earlier.

Due to the layout of the Danish Quarter area, our control are had to be in a room behind the stage, and therefore behind the PA system. To ensure that the live shows sounded as good as possible and to give us more flexibility when guest engineers were mixing, we had an Ipad connected to the mixer over WiFi, which we could use to stand in the audience and mix the show remotely, with full functionality.

Every festival brought its own culture and crowd to the DQ, and festival-goers seemed to love the atmosphere that was created – the area was always busy from when the doors opened to when they closed at night.

Image credit https://music.carlsberg.co.uk/visit-danish-quarter

Carlsberg Danish Quarter 2019