Glastonbury is another one of those festivals that we have been involved with for a number of years now, with each year building on the last and pushing what we’re capable of.

This year we worked with The Glade area, which included the Glade, the Space Port and The Woods.

The Glade Stage

At the Glade Stage itself, we installed a Tekken 4.8mm LED screen on stage, with WaveCo director and resident video genius Iain VJ-ing all weekend.

Space Port

Our L’Acoustics dV-DOSC system kept festival-goers dancing all night long in the neighbouring area that is the Space Port – a psychedelic looking stretch tent stage with DJs playing any and every sort of dance music. The area also featured projection mapping, where we draped the stage area in visuals, highlighting the eccentric set design and giving a final touch to the production.

The Woods

The Woods area is a vastly different experience to the Glade and Space Port stages. Here we had almost 100 of our LED Parcans, as well as some LED floods, spread around in bushes and under trees across 2 acres of woodland, so that when darkness fell, the entire woods area lit up. We also had a number of feature installations throughout the area, such as an overhead array of LED tubes, and illuminated moon in the lake, and large motorised mirror balls suspended in the tree tops. These installations were wirelessly controlled from a central control hut.

There was no music playing in this area, only the sound of birds and soothing sound effects from our surround sound and light experience along the treetop walkway, for which we developed exclusive software to keep it running automatically, day and night.

We also provided sound reinforcement and lighting design in support of the daily performances of Shakespeare’s plays by the Footsbarn Travelling Theatre.

Glastonbury 2019

One of our personal favourite festivals of the year, and proud to be a part of the enormous team of people that work to make it better every year.