Goat Fest is an intimate music festival in the Hertfordshire countryside, set in the village of Codicote. Coordinated by Ace of Herts, it began as a small event in the garden of The Goat Inn, and has since grown to having two main stages and 3 days of bands and artists from all over the country. We have provided tech production for Goat Fest for a number of years now, and we enjoy being part of the festival as it grows.

We provided the sound systems lighting, video and stage equipment.

There are two main stages at Goat Fest, with almost identical specs, to allow for back to back live music. The sound system is exactly the same on both stages, consisting of L’Acoustics 4 SB28 subs and 8 d-V DOSC, with Martin Audio monitoring on stage. Sound control for the stages consisted of a Soundcraft Vi 1 at FOH, and a Yamaha M7CL for monitors. The PA was more than enough to cover the whole of the audience area with smooth frequency response and at adequate volume without straining, even with the side-by-side stage setup.

The lighting rig was also identical on both stages, which meant our operator could use one console, an Avolites Pearl Expert, and simply switch from controlling one stage to controlling the other, without having to programme anything different into the desk. The lighting setup consisted of 3 horizontal rows of truss in the roof of each stage, populated with fixtures such as the GLP X4, Nebula R7 and Martin Atomic 3000.

It’s always a pleasure being involved with Goat Fest and it’s one of the festivals we really look forward to as the summer season begins to calm down – bring on next year!